my Personal favorites of 2016.

2016 has been a crazy year with many up and downs and also a lot of photographic challenges. i was going to do this erlier but i have finally gotten around to pick a few of my favorite shots of this year. It was a tough choice tough and there are probably a bunch missing. I would like to thank everybody involved, i love you all. Marc 

Hombrese Bikes

Some of you may remember Hombrese bikes fantastic build based on the Kawasaki W650 that was released this year on the Wheels and waves festival in Biarritz.  I caught up with him and we talked about bikes and future project.

Uwe has been a close friend of mine since quite a long time and we originally met surfing in the Basque country. We were both into motorcycles, but he took the whole thing a littler further by starting to build his custom bikes.  

From the early age 14 Uwe has always enjoyed working on bikes. Starting with little 50cc bikes he also spent a lot of cash in Tickets because most of his custom modifications were not legal by the German law. Moving on through life he founded Hombrese in 2012 after seeing a and getting inspired by cafe racer. He finished various builds and tries to stick out of the mass of bikes that are often held in black or silver by introducing fresh colours.

One of the highlights on his current build is the custom welded exhaust in which Hombrese push the boundaries of what is possible on the W650.  Although Uwe has many projects he is still open to inquiries  for custom builds. 

Cafe Racer Festival in Paris, Monthlery 2016 : Sultansof Srint

a selection of images. 

it was amazing to shoot this event and i would like to thank Seb & Lolo from the Lucky Cat Garage. It was an honor to be part of it.  Be shure to check out my FB page for more..




2015 has been a crazy journey in terms of photography. i got to meet wonderful people, travel through Europe and pick up some great challenges on the way.  2016 is going to to be a a big year for me and i am really looking forward to shooting more of everything may that be bikes, wedding of portraits. I love it all. 



magazine feature

Grosse Dinge werfen ihren Schatten voraus. Mein erstes Feature in einem Magazin. Vielen Dank an alle Beteiligten des Shoots, vor allen Tommy Vom, Tine, Yong , Volker, Jara und natürlich dem Roadster Magazin.

its a great feeling to see one of you images being featured in a magazine. this is my first time feature in a motorcycle magazine and i am really stoked. i would like to thank Roadster Magazine and all my friends who helped me during the shoot. you rock !


i decided to revive my blog sharing some personal thoughts about the photography, design,motorcycles and the the universe. Things that run through my head and inspire me. Thanks for visiting my page and welcome to my blog. The images below was with my Hasselblad 500 CM and a roll of Kodak TX 400